June, better known as “Tree Top” was a favorite with the students! June grew up in the Los Angeles area where he played a lot of basketball.  June loves to run in marathons and rides his bike daily.  Besides being a talented athlete, June is also an accomplished artist.  June is 6’8” tall.  One year for Halloween, June dressed up as a tree and painted his hair green, and of course won the best costume award!  He’s been known as “Tree Top” ever since!


 Roland, also known as        “Jester” is a recent member of our Team. He attends Napa Valley Community College and is a favorite with the students!  Growing up, Roland played basketball and football competitively and currently remains very active in sports.  “Jester” loves to tell the students jokes so this is how he assumed the Fun Run name “Jester”. 




Blake “Hollywood” grew up in Kansas and currently attends Kansas State University and studies online while having a blast working on the Healthy Kids Fun Run Team.  Blake got his nickname because during high school basketball he would commonly entertain his teammates with dancing before each game.  Blake is an accomplished athlete and was a Kansas high school  All-State basketball player and State Golfer.


Meghann - "Smiles" attended Chico State University and her positive attitude has earned her the nickname "Smiles". Smiles is always a favorite with the students. Besides a great attitude, Meghan is also an accomplished athlete, playing softball competitively growing up and also in college. 


Billie "Rain Man" attended Solano College and was a big time basketball player growing up and still is! He "makes it rain" when he shoots the three, earning the nick name "Rain Man"! Billie also is an accomplished baseball umpire, umpiring everything from Little League to College baseball.

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David – “Hot Rod” was a past member of our team and the students loved him!  He attended Napa Valley Community College and majored in Criminal Justice.  Growing up David played a lot of baseball and basketball and excelled in JROTC in high school.  David loves all kinds of cars, so we gave him the Fun Run name “Hot Rod”.