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​From a private school in Castro Valley, Ca.
"We had a great experience with the Healthy Kids Fun Run that we did this 2015-2016 school year. Our goal was $20,000 and we had $43,050 in the end!  The prizes were fantastic, the kids and parents had nothing but good reviews and we made a lot of money for our school with minimal work for us.  The work the Fun Run Team did was excellent!  The fee the company gets and the money spent on prizes was well worth it.  With our sponsorships we cleared over $30,000!! We have booked the Healthy Kids Fun Run for the 2016-2017 school year and the kids can’t wait!"

From a public school in American Canyon, Ca.
"We think the Healthy Kids Fun Run was great!  We had so much positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.  Your Team was great and we heard from a lot of parents that the event was very well organized!"

From a private school sponsor in Fremont, Ca.
"The Healthy Kids Fun Run was a terrific success!  I’m very grateful for you and your Team.  We will be continuing your Fun Run program next year."

From a private school sponsor in San Leandro, Ca. –
"Everyone loved the novelty of this fundraiser- much better than selling candy or wrap- lots of feedback from adults about how much they enjoyed this fundraiser, and pledging towards it. Lots of positive staff feedback, and sometimes teachers can be the hardest sell, so great job!"

Napa Valley Register - October 8, 2014